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17 year old from california, I play Rocket League and Apex Legends Competitively. 1200+ hours and Champ 3 in 2s and 3s on Rocket League. Mirage main with 800+ Kills, 30+ Wins and im also level 60. 

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Full IGL summer circuit playoff game
Rocket League

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Mirage Main - 800+ Kills - Level 60 - TF 1&2 V NA-West

Main DPS

Have been playing religiously the day since it came out. Im a Veteran Titanfall 1 and 2 player. Had over 500+ hours in both. Im a Mirage main with over 800 kills and over 25 wins. Average kills per game is 6. Also can play Wraith or Bangalore or really any character thats needed.

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